02.23.17 Update


It’s been awhile since my last post. I’m currently on my second semester of graduate school, and things have slowed down so much since the first semester.

So, to catch up:

  • I’m currently on my 3rd rotation, and I’m quite enjoying it. The smaller lab dynamics is reminiscent of my favorite undergraduate lab, where I developed deep relationships with my PI and my colleagues. The research is interesting, but I think the main source of motivation and enjoyment of work will come from my relationship with the people in the lab.
  • I’m back to doing ballet (although, just twice a week). I love it so much I can’t even begin to describe it. I’ve also started to workout and stretch out at home. It’s great because we’ve started doing a lot of grand plié in the center, and my recently beefed up abs help me not fall out of them like I normally do. I ran a mile once, like, last month.
  • Socially, I’m doing average. Some of us in my year hang out together quite often, and it’s fun when we do, but a small sense of social isolation is still there. I’m used to living with Dmitriy, and now I don’t have him in the same state, so that’s hard. My current roommate is such an unpleasant person to live with her unprovoked hostility towards me. She moves out at the end of May, so I only have three months left with her. I’ve met a geology PhD student coming to Rutgers next year, and we clicked pretty well during our Skype meeting, so hopefully it’ll be a more enjoyable living situation with her next year.

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