Friday, 04.14.17

Today is the day I officially join the Dismukes Lab! I’ve been in lab since this Monday, but the paperwork has just been finalized today. It’s pretty exciting. I feel very relieved to have found a lab to settle in and will no longer be rotating.

Here’s a brief overview of this week, starting with the bad:


  • My potential roommate for next year backed out yesterday because she found something else that suited her situation better. I was really bummed out because I really liked her as a person and was really looking forward to living with her and her dog, but I totally understand where she’s coming from. She looks a lot like my best friend from high school, so I’m irrationally more bummed out than usual.
  • My current roommate has had a guest over since Sunday without telling me beforehand. They kept me up until 2 AM the first night, but he’s not a bad guest. It’s just she talks a lot more when he’s here, and her voice is REALLY LOUD. I don’t really hear him, so it’s not the guest problem. It’s a roommate problem. Only 1.5 more months until she moves out, not that I’m counting.


  • The weather this week has been phenomenal! Having been in California most of life and spoiled with warm weather year-round, I’ve never understood the joy of spring arriving until this week. One of my classes got canceled, so I left for Cook/Douglass earlier than usual and hung outside the Passion Puddle prior to ballet. Seeing all the undergrads lazing around the pond really made me miss the beautiful Aldrich Park in the middle of UCI where I used to nap between classes. And I got to wear a summer dress this week!
  • Ballet has been so fun! We had to choreograph a little piece this week and perform it. The first time, we had to give directions to the pianist to play a song that’s appropriate in tempo for the piece, and the pianist remembered me requesting the waltz from Amelie for barre a few weeks ago and played that for us. It was perfect because I low key choreographed my portion to that song. For our final performance, we did the choreo to the chorus of Lana del Rey’s “Bel Air”, which is the other song I was inspired by.
  • Officially joined the lab Dismukes and I got my own desk! I’m still getting used to the photosystem II.  I can read and understand the consequences of mutations to crucial components of the water oxidation core, but the mathematical modeling and physical chemistry aspects are definitely out of my depth (for now). One of the requirements for me to join the lab is to take physical biochemistry next year, so hopefully after that I will be able to understand my lambastes’ work more fully. And as always, the people in the lab are the nicest and have been so welcoming to me returning to the lab.
  • March for Science poster making “party” tomorrow. Some of the people in my program are interested in going to the march in NYC, so we’ll be making posters at my place tomorrow with the help of a few margaritas. Some aren’t going to the march but are coming over anyways to just hangout. If my roommate can have one guest over for multiple nights, I don’t see why I can’t have multiple guests over for one night.

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