Sunday, 05.14.17

I spent this whole week planning out my experiments. This portion involves the monitoring of algal growth and lipid production, which is stuff I’m familiar with. I’ve been running practice readings this week and going over my old protocols for these procedures.

The part after this is going to be very photosystem II-oriented, which is very technical and intimidating. I’m still learning a lot about the types of assays that are done to measure different aspects of PS II efficiency, which are much more physics-based than biology-based.

Sometimes I wish I had picked a lab whose work I was more familiar with. I’ve worked with yeast, C. elegans, drosophila, and mice before, and I know what assays to use to answer the questions I have. I’m not familiar with the assays used for PS II. I’m not even sure of the type of questions to ask. Like, why are we even looking at the rate of flash oxygen evolutions and Fv/Fm?

Regardless, I think I’ve made the right choice with this lab. It’s kind of steep learning curve, but it’ll be rewarding once I’ve gone over the peak. The direction of research in this lab is so interesting, and the part I’m interested in is the part I have no background in, so feeling like I’m drowning is inevitable but, hopefully, not permanent.

Here’s to a week where experiments go as planned.


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